September 11, 2019


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The crew of the SS Cecalia: Captain Cecalia the cursed pirate, Brakka Bendu, the Orc Mercenary, and they galley chef, "Cookie Flintiron" are magically transported to a mysterious extra-dimensional realm only known only as "Generica."

There, with the help of the grifting illusionist, Lavaar Lazaaro, the reluctant and unlikely adventurers begin their quest to find a way out of this fantasy world, ruled and created by an entity known only as Snarf.

After many adventures, and many hollow victories, our heroes finally find the gateway to reality, the last in a series of portals all promising to be a way out of Snarf's universe. With something that looks like resolves but feels like resignation, the friends find a crack in time itself and pass through.

They awake in another reality altogether, on in which their consciousness has been plug into a machine that converts their imagination, indeed their very dreams into magical energy for Snarf. They are all confused and bewildered at what has happened to them. All except Lavar, who could not pass through into this new reality with them.

Are Captain Cecaelias crew finally free of Snarf's clutches? Or is this just another false reality? What is Lavaar's true nature and relationship with Generica? Can he ever escape from Snarf or is he more linked to Generica than even HE knows?

Find out this week, on No Dice!

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Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica
SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica

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