Let's Sing The No Dice Theme Song Lyrics


Come brave men and women all, gathered here within this hall,
Harken to adventure’s call, and feel thy spirits rise
There’s wizards, rogues, and maidens fair, barbarians in fur underwear
For thee can play most anywhere, when thou playest with No Dice
No Dice, No Dice, through fire and ice, where arrows fly and swords slice
There be honor, blood, and sacrifice, but nary any dice…
So let us play into the night, imaginations will take flight
Thou may call us nerds, thou art GODSDAMNED RIGHT
And we’re playing with No Dice


That’s the game we call No Dice, we hope thou thoughtst that it twas nice
And are sufficiently enticed to tell all of thy friends
Though we played with style and class, it’s thee who makes this game kick ass
And so to thee we raise our glass, come playeth with us again...eth

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