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After learning that their friend and companion Lavar Lazarro had been an agent of Snarf all along, recruiting unsuspecting adventurers into Generica, a World he had fashioned, for his own amusement, Captain Cecealia's crew decide to join Lavar and stop Snarf once and for all.

Without Lavar to put them to sleep in Snarf's study, the cracks in Snarf's universe begin to show. One such crack is a small door that they hadn't notice before, a door that leads to a corridor full of more doors. "Cookie" Flintiron uses his Pot of Portents to look into the future and divine which is the best door to go through.  The pot shows them  a door labeled:  SS Cecaelia. The crew finds the door and goes through.

They are taken back to a time in the Captian's past and lost ship, the SS Cecaelia's maiden voyage.  A time before Cecaelia lost her crew, and her legs, and her ship and her one true love, Andy, to the her own love of adventure and the curse of a sea hag. The hag curses Cecaelia with tentacles instead of legs and also curses her crew to an undead existence sailing the seven seas.   

Cecaelia is reunited with her crew of woe some wights and learns that she has a chance to remove the curse, by getting a thing that is being guarded by a fleet being led by an admiral who is none other than Andy, the love she once left for the Sea.  After an epic battle  in which Admiral Andy's entire fleet basically sinks itself,  Cecaelia finds herself once again before the sea hag.

The Hag gives her a choice to dispel the curse either on herself, or her crew, a choice, much to the consternation of the hag, she doesn't think about twice and immediately chooses her crew. In a petty rage the Hag curses Cecaelia again, causing her tentacles to wither and burn when away from water for too long. The hag also demands Bao Bao as sacrifice. For the peace of her crew Captain selflessly gives up her beloved pet and the undead pirates are given eternal rest at last. Yet even as the hag cackles in delight, Bao Bao escapes! To go on many other adventures in the far away land of Fanfixon.

With the echoes of her past resolved. Captain Cecaelia and her crew are sent out of the door they entered and into a chamber and face to face with Snarf himself, they prepare to do battle only to find that the Snarf they see is only an illusion and the Snarf they seek is in another chamber. Can Captain Cecaelia's crew find a way to get a step ahead of Snarf and finally make their way home? Find out next week on No DICE!


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

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