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After confronting specters of their past in the town of High Noon, Captain Cecaelia's crew travel deeper into the Labyrinth of the Blood Diamond on their effort to escape Snarf's dungeon.

As they leave High Noon they come to a portal in a barn guarded by a large Sentient Owl named "Whoo." They must reveal to the portal their deepest flaws before it let's them pass. On the other side they come to a hill upon which sets a gallows upon which hang four simulacrums of themselves, twisted and deformed by the very flaws they confessed. Their other selves attack them and they find that in hurting the dopplegangers they only hurt themselves. With no small amount of hard lessons and teamwork, the friends manage to defeat their worse selves and travel deeper into Snarf's Maze.

The next level of the maze is another desert, but a strange one, with two Suns setting along the horizon. Again, Whoo the Owl appears to bestow upon them gifts from Snarf to help them along their Journey. Gifts whose names, descriptions, and properties we can be sure everyone wrote down and remembers so that the narrator wouldn't have to spend time to relate them here.

Fine: For Lavar, Snarf gives him a flowing black robe of obsidian feathers called the Raven's Robe, which allows him to disappear in the darkness, float on air, and persuade weaker minds especially when he is lying.

For "Cookie" a small fine silver pot, The Pot of Portents, which heats up without flame, and shows glimpses of the future within any liquid placed therein.

For Cecaelia, a shimmering overcoat, The Cuddlefish Coat, which can change it's sheen to any pattern, and even dazzle enemies with a display of color and light, and mend itself when damaged.

And For Brakka, a silver buckler with a spike in the center boss, The Brutal Buckler, which thirsts for blood and causes fear in enemies by showing the reflections of their faces battered and bloodied and mutilated.

With these gifts the party travels the only direction the can, being denied the opportunity to explore the expanded universe this new level of the maze has to offer, which is toward a palace on a cliff. The are granted audience with the owner of the palace, a large slug creature named, sigh, Grabba the Butt. 

The almighty Grabba proposes a deal with the adventurers: He will let them pass deeper into the maze if they retrieve for him the Wicket, a device that converts pain into wealth and positivity into self worth. They agree and Grabba instantly betrays them all, dropping them into a pit to fight the dreaded Bangor, as a test.

The adventurer's make short work of the Bangor, A giant flannel-clad monster from a planet known as Maine, but take mercy on him at the last minute as they discovered that he was the last of his kind and had been tortured by Grabba himself. For their mercy the Bangor helps the crew escape the pit and they are led into a long hallway with the frozen bodies of many unfortunate beings hanging from the walls.

Among the bodies is Badges, the kindly Badger that runs the Potato Mines of Regent Hollow. They free Badges and he gratefully offers to lead them to the Wicket which was last known to be on the planet Croissant. Their reunion is short lived however as Grabba's guards catch up to them and they must make an escape in Badges's underground ship, like in The Core, that one movie with Stanley Tucci and Million Dollar Baby. 

Can Captain Cecaelia and her crew find the Wicket, which is definitely important, before the dangerous and notorious bounty hunter Hobo Chet finds it, or them, or whatever he's trying to do to get in their way? Find out on next week's episode of NO DICE.


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

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