March 29, 2019


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Cursed by the Ring of Destiny with hideous warts spreading all across their bodies, Captain Cecaelia's crew only have 24 hours to place the ring on the Statue of the Matriarch of the Duckbirth family at Land’s End on the Cliffs of North Face.

They set off immediately only to be waylaid by Sharon and Bill, two mysterious peddlers whose request for aid went largely ignored by Captain Cecaelia's crew on the road to Regal Hollow. As before, Bill and Sharon's Cart had thrown a wheel, and as before Brakka smashes their spare wheel attempting to help them, inspiring all the rest of the adventurers to help fix their wagon, all except Lavar.

After a brief encounter with some potato seeking gremlins, and some surprisingly violent and petty vengeance dealt out by Lavar over being called a "squishy potato" our heroes continue to race against a rapidly and erratically ticking clock and into the depths of the Shadow Forest of Jordash where everything into a shadow of what is real. They come across the changed forms of Bill and Sharon once and this time Lavar finally helps them with an awesome display of power.

At the edge of the forest they encounter the dreaded TSA the Thieves of the Shadows Association who protect the gate into Land’s End. They are ordered to surrender all of their weapons by a large Big Bird of shadow. Not wanting to lose her trusty sickle, Captain Cecaelia sends her pet octopus Bao Bao to sneak it in, but Bao Bao is caught and imprisoned along with the Ring of Destiny forcing a very clumsy altercation with the TSA. Only by exploiting the fiercely matriarchal hierarchy of Land’s End society are Brakka and Captain Cecaelia able to rescue Cecalia’s beloved Boa Boa and enter Land’s End.

Once in the city, Lavar performs an illusion to give himself a stunning endowment of magnificent breasts so that he too may pass as a woman of status in this rigid strictly classed society. They gain access to Duckbirth Manor by demanding to speak to the manager and once inside meet the living matriarch herself, Elizabeth Duckbirth, who looks and sound exactly like Katherine Hepburn. Exactly.

Without a moment to spare Brakka places the Ring of Destiny on Elizabeth Duckbirth’s finger turning her to stone, but not before she can utter her last command, “seek the iceman,” simultaneously lifting the crew’s curse of warts and dooming the City of Lands End to fall into the sea.

With the adventure over, Captain Cecaelia decide to honor Elizbeth Duckbirth’s last wish and seek out this Ice Man she spoke of in Jazz City, a place where anything goes…                  

Also the portrait of Kelsey Gramar definitely knows who this Iceman is and sometimes plays jazz with him and his partner in a combo called “Ice and Fire.”


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica
SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica
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