July 08, 2019


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Lavaar and the Crew of the S.S. Cecaelia continue to investigate the murder of Phil Palmer, The Belhop Everyone LOVES to hate, while in the middle of their time-share vacation to fabulous real-life Miami Florida.
When their latest lead, Karen, is abducted by Britney, Snarf's former master of assassins, the case falls under Federal jurisdiction, and is kicked up to Agent Looper of the South Florida FBI field office. With Looper's help they quickly learn that nothing in this case is as it seems. Soon Lavaar, Cpt. Cecaelia, Brakka, and "Cookie" are thrown headlong into the world of the sinisterly mundane, and the bizarrely banal. They ping pong through a dreamscape filled with everything the dark subconscious of 'boomer America can manifest, from backward talking epiphany rooms, to seedy motels, to smarmy casinos and back again.

Can Lavaar and his friends solve the mystery of who killed Phillip Palmer before the network pulls the plug on season 3? Or will they blink and miss the one thing that ties everything together?
Either way, the only thing for sure is: someone is definitely going to enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee.

Check out this highlight: 

Watch Highlight: Join us as we play NO DICE in the land Generica...We stumbled into a "Twin Peaks" spoof in this episode from sxyHACKERS on www.twitch.tv

The players are still trying to solve Phil's murder in this adventure, continuing from Episode 5 last week. Weirdness abounds in this Twin Peaks-inspired mystery which eventually leads the team to a seedy casino. We had a lot of hilarious interactions, great retro music (courtesy of Brian the Bard), and awesome audience participation. We hope to see you next week on our Twitch channel for Episode 7!


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica
SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica
You can find me navigating the lands of Generica every Monday at 7PM Central on Twitch.tv/sxyHACKERS. I'll be hanging out in the live chat room if you want to talk or have me cast a few magical spells upon our adventurers just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

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