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After a terrifying and gross body-adventure courtesy of the strange Dr. Oddkind Lavaar and the Crew of the SS Cecaelia enjoy some much deserved (and needed) R and R. In their downtime, Brakka attempts to craft a weapon but makes a magical club within a magical club, in which Captain Cecaelia proceeds to dance her cares away. “Cookie” tries to figure out what he is going to do with 50 pounds of cilantro he received from his L.A.S (Lavaarica Agricultural Share) program membership. And Lavaar goes about deleting Snarf’s old e-mails. Lavaar discovers that Snarf’s time share in the far away mystical land of Miami Florida is still valid and he books a vacation for our adventurers on the Tuesday after Labor day! The gang is going to Miami!!!!

When they arrive they are booked into the resort with no trouble, and are met and aided by the obnoxious Phil, The Bellhop Everyone LOVES to HATE.

Phil takes them to the suite and they all decide to go down to the beach. Almost immediately, the crew is invited to play a game of volleyball with some very beautiful beach people and they oblige after “Cookie” insists that Phil put sunscreen on his back, BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING MAGICAL ABOUT SKIN CANCER.

When they return to the tiki bar, they find Phil, The Bellhop Everyone LOVES to HATE, dead, choked and drowned with a bottle of sunscreen. There has been a MURDER, a MURDER most FOUL!!! Enter Lieutenant Fortinbras Domingo a short, fiery-locked, hard-nosed detective with a penchant for being overly proud of miserable puns.!

After enjoying drinks on a relaxing beach resort, the players discover that a prominent man named Phil has been murdered from an apparent sunscreen overdose. They are deputized by Detective Domingo, and the real adventure begins! The crew is then tasked with interrogating suspects...Who killed the man everyone loved to hate? Yes, it's a CSI / Miami Vice (or, Miami DICE, amiright?) parody episode.

He sees the murder and deputizes the Crew to help him because that’s how things get done in Miami, Florida. One by one the crew begins interrogating the incredibly long list of amazing suspects, and one by one those suspects are released by Domingo with the promise that they’ll be brought back in if he “finds out their shit stinks.”

After a house call with a spider-witch that was employing Phil to sell essential oils on the street, their only big lead is with a mysterious woman named Karen, whose network of soccer mom’s has been systematically monopolizing the dark world of illicit street essential oils.

How deep does the rotten root of racketeering extend into the underworld of Miami? Is Phil, the Bellhop Everyone Love’s to Hate’s murder the key to unlocking a whole network of black market holistic drugs? Can they solve this mystery before their time share is up and are politely asked to leave? Find out this week, on No Dice.

Check this highlight: CSI Generica Cold Open 

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