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In the midst of an attack by zombie pirates Captain Cecaelia and the crew of the SS Cecaelia, illusionist Lavar Lazarro, orc mercenary Brakka Bindu, and dwarf cook “Cookie” flintiron are mysteriously and magically transported to a strange world created and ruled by enigmatic entity known only as Snarf.

Snarf quickly sets the crew to work, setting them on completing several tasks for the promise of returning them home.

But over several adventures in Generica, the world Snarf created, Captain Cecaelia and her crew learn the awful truth: that they are but the latest of many adventurers so brought to Generica for the Sinister Snarf’s amusement, to be discarded in expanses of his constructed reality the minute he tires of them.

With this knowledge, the adventures determine to find their way through Snarf’s maze of generic settings and out of Generica settings once and for all. But all is still not as it seems. Their own companion Lavar Lazarro reveals himself that he has been working as Snarf’s agent, luring unsuspecting travelers into Generica for longer than he can remember, indeed the last thing he does seem to remember is an ever changing Roshomon of events leading to the disappearance of his childhood friend Danny down a well.

Being given something like hope from the brave crew of the Cecaelia, Lavar vows to help them destroy his master of years uncounted and lead them back to their lives away from the ever attentive eye of Snarf and his grotesque appetites, and leads the companions he can now call friends, into Snarf’s dungeon to force a final showdown.

In the dungeon the crew is forced to relive moments from their past, moments of loss and failure, meant to discourage their forward progress toward the room where the Sorcerer Snarf controls his sandbox reality. But the shared memories of pain and heartache only strengthens the friends’ bonds and steals their resolve even more as the come closer and closer to their jailer’s lair.

The last room they enter before what must be the center of the dungeon once again brings them back to the boarding school from Lavar’s archaic childhood to the night that Danny disappeared. They learn that he may have been taken into a shadow realm of monsters and demons only known as the downside up in a odder event than they have ever heard of before. They are attacked by the Dean of the school, who reveals himself as Lavar’s predecessor in Snarf’s designs, but he is defeated by the power of friendship and magic, mostly magic, which turns him to dust, leaving nothing but  a giant monster in the way of the truth at the bottom of the well.

Completely ignoring the monster, they leap into the well in toward that final revelation of Snarf’s dungeon trusting that it won’t be empty and lame, and hoping that their last leap into the well, will be the leap...home. Oh boy.

This week on the final episode of Snarf’s Dungeon.


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

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