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James's futile quest to coin a better catch phrase than the lame and confusing "Dad Dabs" continues as Captain Cecaelia's Crew delve deeper into the depths of Snarf's Dungeon in the hopes of pinning him down to a final confrontation.

They go through a door from which exudes a fragrant bouquet of enticing odors to find themselves in an episode from "Cookie's" past that he would rather not remember. "Cookie" is overjoyed to see his beloved long lost wife "Scone" and her family alive and well running their Southern Dwarfish Restaurant, Jiggly Pants at the outset of a very auspicious evening indeed.

Just as before in "Cookie's" past he is set to work as souse chef for his brother in law "Primo", while Captain Cecaelia's crew is transformed into other staff at Jiggly Pants: Lavar as Segundo, the Maître De, Cecaelia as Bernardo the dishwasher, and Brakka as Cristiano on Saute. The whole kitchen is astir as tonight is the night the famous and flawlessly French food critic Francios Le France is coming with his partner Pascal to rate the restaurant. A good review being just the thing needed to give business a boost so Primo can pay off his gambling debts to the Southern Dwarfish Mafia.

Things of course go immediately wrong as Brakka burns herself making the Con Feet Confit, Lavar accidentally serves the critics "Cookie"s secret stash of Northern Comfort Mushroom Wine, which will definitely fuck them up, and Nick chooses to continue drinking from a little bottle of apple brandy which is just regular brandy with apple shit put in it for flavor that helps him make some terrible decisions.

"Cookie" finishes the confit and takes over as maître de for a while, talking the two very particular special guests through the Mushroom Wine's psychedelic effects.  The critics order the Jiggly Pants Magnifique a house speciality, but Primo has been abducted by the mafia and cannot make it, leaving the burned but better Brakka to make it in his stead. But Brakka puts the wrong wine flambé on the dish, forcing "Cookie" to think fast and lace the dishes with cocaine to cover the mistake. They both go into cardiac arrest from which only Francios recovers, his partner and lover Pascal dead, Francios swears vengeance in the form a withering review, ruining the chances for the restaurant's revival.

Just as things are at their lowest, they get worse, when the Southern Dwarfish Mafia shows up, presents "Cookie" with his beloved wife "Scone's" head in a box, and threatens to do worse if "Cookie" doesn't join the crew of one of their latest concerns, a pirate ship known as the SS Cecaelia. At this moment "Cookie" chooses to enact brutal bloody revenge upon the Southern Dwarfish Mafia, with the help of his friends and crewmates for the death of his family.

He thanks his friends for going on this journey into the painful past and reveals that everything that just happened is exactly how it happened for him that fateful night, as the past cannot be changed, with one important exception, the emotional catharsis of getting brutal bloody revenge on the people who killed his beloved wife and changed his life forever. Now, being given the closure he never wanted, "Cookie" realizes that he has had a family all along, a chosen family in the crew of the Cecaelia, which the mafia forced him to join.

Now it seems as though there is only one door left before they reach the center of Snarf's Dungeon, and only so much time left for them to discover how they can use his one weakness against him. This week on No Dice.


Cookie The Dwarf from NO DICE's Personal Recipes

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