January 18, 2019

About Our Sexy Hackers TV Studio

We're launching a brand new Twitch channel http://twitch.tv/sxyHACKERS.  Check out our fancy video production area which we plan to host games or other creative works in 2019.  We built a custom gaming table and hooked up a bunch of PTZ Optic cameras to create this fun interactive game show.


Brandon S
Brandon S
I have the privilege of working at one of the coolest, most creative places in the world: More Than Rewards in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Hired as the company's second full-time employee over a decade ago, I have been instrumental in its growth while adapting to countless changes and challenges. There is rarely a dull moment at MTR, our latest project live streaming on Twitch, it's pretty cool!

Watch No Dice Exclusivly on SexyHackers.tv every Monday 7PM Central on Twitch and YouTube