CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE POWER POINT You'll need to unzip it after you download it as it's pretty big, it has lots of pictures. he complete Power Point presentation from Jason from THAT Conference 2019 Family Session called Lights Camera Action. If you would like to contact Jason or have any questions just follow him on Twitch and send him Whisper, he checks it every Monday at 7PM when he Streams Live. You can follow Sexy Hackers on Twitch by clicking here.

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    About Our Sexy Hackers TV Studio

    We're launching a brand new Twitch channel  Check out our fancy video production area which we plan to host games or other creative works in 2019.  We built a custom gaming table and hooked up a bunch of PTZ Optic cameras to create this fun interactive game show.  BEHIND THE SCENES STUDIO PICTURES COMING SOON

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    Eureka Days @MoreThanRewards - The Challenge

    Sexy Hackers Clothing Inc. hosts a special day for its employees called Eureka Days! You can read about this on our website here. This is a special day allows employees to explore their creative sides and invent something useful, meaningful, fun, and maybe even a little silly. The ultimate goal is to learn something new, work together as a team, and hopefully deliver a finished product in less than eight hours!    LET THE GAMES BEGIN - FRIDAY, SEPT 21st, 2018 AT 8 AM This Eureka Days, Sexy Hacker Clothing employees will be creating their very own Amazon Alexa Voice Skill! Remember, all employees are participating, and most of them have little to no software development experience. Since people are coming together from all departments including accounting, sales, customer service and more.  To accomplish this employee will be provided access to accounts which is a "visual skill builder for non-developers." Which...

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