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"Sleepy Ralph Embroidered Headless Horseman Men's Polo Shirt"

Many fans of the Headless Horseman, as famously portrayed in the "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" story, do not know he was quite an athletic gentleman. All he really wanted (besides murderous revenge) was to participate in a fair game of polo -- the "sport of kings." Although, without having the proper gear and a corporeal head, he was denied entry into the Federation of International Polo. This fashionable polo shirt commemorates the Headless Horseman's rampage as he took to the Tarrytown countryside with a sack full of pumpkins and a head-lopping sword. Wear it to a Halloween party, your business-casual workplace, or anywhere, really. You'll be sure to get a thumbs up on this impressive embroidered Headless Horseman polo shirt.

Gildan T-Shirt
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