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"Your Head Is a Home for Your Beard Funny Men's Unisex T-Shirt"

Beards are no longer just for beatniks, lumberjacks, Harley riders, Civil War generals, and the Amish. Burly beards are back in a big way, baby! A beefy beard compliments (or hides) any face well; the mystical follicles are said to provide the grower viral energy, improved defense, and intense charisma. We love our beards, so we encourage you to honor the bewhiskered men in your life by wearing this entrancing skull and beard shirt. You know, after your death, it's scientifically proven your hair will decompose with much more style than the rest of your corpse. So guys, let's live by this machismo motto while we're still above ground: If you can grow it, you should show it!

Gildan T-Shirt
Created By A Locally Owned American Business With Love!