"Star Wars Force Awakens Loyalty Chewie Adult T-Shirt For Jedi Masters"

Perfect for co-pilots who want to fly casual, our Chewbacca Loyalty Tee features a picture of the world-famous Wookiee himself. You may have met him at Comic Con in Chicago or LA as Peter Mayhew. Peter is one of the coolest people we have ever met, wait then again we have met Kevin Smith at Star Wars Celebration and he is pretty rad also. So stop messing around, buy this shirt today then get in line early for the new Star Wars movie by JJ Abrams. If you refuse to do that then just dance around the house and pretend that you're a spice smuggler.

Just think if you bought this tee shirt you could wear it while building a BB-8 robot or R2D2 in your garage. While we are not members of the "Droid Builder" community we do still like to wear it while hanging up posters of Carrie Fisher in the garage if that counts.. is that weird?