"Get the Right People Unisex T-Shirt"

"Get the Right People. Make Them Happy. Turn Them Loose." How's that for an inspirational business quote? This idea worked in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nick Fury sought out the right people, brought them together, and gave them purpose. Then he turned them loose to become the Avengers and save the world. Just saying, if it worked for superheroes, that’s a pretty solid strategy. Sure, there were multiple confrontations in the movie. Iron Man and Captain America bickered almost the entire time like an old married couple. And Hulk punched Thor in the face, knocking him right out of the frame. So much violence at the start, but then they all bonded into best buds. They even reassembled for a sequel with new characters and more inter-group fighting; it was awesome. Long story short: Get the right people and you will have long-lasting success at work or at the box office.