"8-Bit Skull Retro Gaming Unisex T-Shirt"

Some people think this depiction of an 8-bit skull and crossbones signifies that old-school, retro games are "dead." But no - it serves as a dire warning: Wearing this striking t-shirt tells other gamers that you grew up in a time without YouTube walkthroughs, endless continues, easy modes, regenerating health, and DLC patches. Every video game was pretty much Dark Souls, and you had to get good or get out. If you can't forget the adolescent stench of an arcade and the weight of 50 greasy tokens in your jean pockets, you surely know the value an extra life. The world of pixels - not polygons - was our domain. Video games of the '70s and '80s were born in a simpler time when we didn’t need celebrity voice actors, customized controllers, and particle effects. Instead, every game was just an overpriced ripoff, padded by unreasonable difficulty spikes, and we liked it!