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"Lag Kills Funny Gaming Men's Unisex T-Shirt"

You’re running through a war zone, rapidly firing your machine gun at approaching enemies, then the screen freezes. It was just a half-second, but that moment was long enough for your opponent to easily one-shot your face. The first time this happens, you might mutter a curse under your breath. But as delays continue and your K/D ratio plummets, you will eventually flip the coffee table, throw your X-Box controller, and loudly declare - with obscene amounts of profanity - how over Call of Duty you are. Every gamer knows that lag kills in any FPS (going back to even Doom and Quake), so let everyone know it wasn't you're fault by wearing this blame-assigning t-shirt.

Gildan T-Shirt
Created By A Locally Owned American Business With Love!