"Pied Piper Logo Pom Pom Hat from the TV Series Silicon Valley on HBO"

Is your Weissman score a bit lower than what you want it to be at the moment? No problem, when you wear this shirt, you are guaranteed to achieve optimal tip to tip efficiency. That’s right people, just like the ‘startup’ Pied Piper on the hit HBO show Silicon Valley you too can achieve your dreams. So the next time you're hanging out with your friends, and they tell you it's not about the hat you wear and it’s about your jerking abilities, we say that's a lie! Remember, it really is all about the shirt you wear, oh and also your jerking abilities.

So hurry up and buy one of these bad boys before they are all gone. This is your chance to rock out with this funny tech geek programmer hat unless you're a "brogrammer". If you're a brogrammer, let's face it your abs are too damn sexy to be wearing any kind of hat, so buy a poster instead.