"ABC - Always Be Coding Canvas"

Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross..."Always Be Closing!" But for true software developers who love their craft we say he got it wrong and prefer "Always Be Coding!" That’s assuming, of course, that your code does not suck. If so, that might be an ok time to stop…seriously. Stop. #SexyHackers

Most GOOD programmers code not because they expect to get paid, but because it is fun to program. Luckily for us the world is full of greedy people who's only passion for software development is the big paycheck they think they will get. This of course means that you'll get to spend your entire work day fixing their crappy code. So for the love of God if your code sucks just stop coding right now... seriously turn your computer off and go home.

Hand-Stretched Canvas, American Made
Awesome Museum Quality, Fade-Resistant, Simply Beautiful!