"Blue Screen of Death Unisex Sweatshirts"

The Blue Screen of Death. The BSOD. This is the kind of screen you would see completely randomly if you clicked on the wrong portion of a taskbar, or dragged a .txt file into Internet Explorer, or perhaps sneezed too close to your mouse. It would just happen, as if the computer was trying to say "Woah buddy, just hold on a second there. You're being too productive. Time to take a quick 5-minute break."

While it's frustrating on a computer screen, on a shirt it's a much more effective way to communicate how badly you need to stop and take a minute for yourself. With this fine garment, you don't ever need to actually engage with anyone, just pretend that your brain is running into IRQ error 00007x344440, point at your shirt, and calmly walk away unbothered. Blue screen of death? More like Blue Shirt of Victory.