"Man Without Smiling Face Chinese Proverb Unisex T-Shirt"

"A man without a smiling face must not open a shop." This ancient Chinese proverb is still very relevant today, and you'll inspire other by displaying it on this t-shirt. Your business might be selling fried chicken, shoes, automobiles, or frozen concentrated orange juice, but no matter what, you are also selling the customer an experience. Just smile, and you might give them a great experience. A negative experience, however, can destroy a business no matter how awesome their products or services are. For example, maybe you stopped eating at that McDonald’s because the cashier was rude. Or maybe you no longer shop at Kohl’s because a saleswoman yelled at you. (If you’re going to put pillows and blankets on display in the store, don’t get mad if I sit on the bed and make myself at home.)