"Girls Can Game Too Unisex T-Shirt by Sexy Hackers"

Many more females have been playing video games on dedicated gaming consoles, PCs, handheld devices, and smartphones over the past decade. But calling this demographic "girl gamers" would be a misnomer -- for the most part, female gamers just want to be included equally in the gaming collective. Sure, there will always be video games that appeal to a certain group, and there are some pretty risque Twitch streamers, but it's never safe to stereotype the dedication and skills of anyone based on their gender. You might get schooled during your next night playing Call of Duty, World or Warcraft, Overwatch, Street Fighter, or even Splatoon. So, wear this shirt to remind everyone at the local GameStop that girls (and women) can game, too. Think about it: For every finicky man-child out there, there might be a woman-child glued to their controllers by their Doritos-stained fingers. Well, I guess that's a gamer stereotype, as well...but we can only knock out one cliche per t-shirt.