Download Dungeon Sounds - Alexa Skill Players Handbook

    Are you looking for the PDF instruction sheet for the Alexa Skill Dungeon Sounds skill, try clicking the download link below. CLICK THE GIANT BANNER ADVERTISEMENT BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE SOUND LIST PDF FILE.  If your you having trouble clicking the banner above just click here to download the PDF. PLEASE INSTALL BOTH SKILLS ON YOUR AMAZON ECHO BY CLICKING THE LINKS BELOW.  Click To Install - Dungeon Sounds Click To Install - Vicious Mockery Click To View The Complete PDF Sounds List THEN AFTER THEY ARE BOTH INSTALLED TRY... Launching the Dungeon Sounds Skill and begin playing a background sound, then say "Alexa, Vicious Mockery", you'll notice she will sling a series of insults at your opponent then return back to playing the background audio from Dungeon Sounds, this feature only works if BOTH skills are enabled. 

    September 03, 2018 written by SNARFalious | The Famous Wizard of Generica 0 comments