April 02, 2019

Cookie's Cocktails

Hello, everybody, "Cookie" here and I picked up a whole mess of fancy schmancy cocktails when I was in that crazy Jazz City. Now I know what you're saying, "But Cookie, you just a cook, you don't know nothing about no cocktails"

Well to that I say shut your hole! Cookie been tailing cocks since fore you was born sure! You think this last episode was the first time Cookie disguised hisself with a dead chicken and snuck into a cockpit to fight them chickens? No sir! It were chickens what took Cookies family away in another life he don't like to talk about! You don't know Cookie one bit. Not by a near sight, a far sight, ner a damn site!! Now here's some fire to put in your bellies and some loops spin you about!


Purple Giraffe Tongue


2 Parts Chambord
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Orange Rumchada
1 Scoop Blue Moon Ice cream
Blue Curucao

Rim cup with Blue Curucao, add ice cream, mix in Chambord and Vodka until thick, float Ramchada on top, serve with straw.

Now if'n you don't pass out from oxygen deprivation trying to drink two or three of these, chasing them down with a one or two or twelve shots of homemade whiskey oughta do the trick. But don't worry. When you wake up in the morning, "Cookie"s got just the thing to get your breeches back bouncing.




 "Cookie"s For Sure Hangover Cure


  1 part Amaretto
  3 parts Orange Juice
  2 parts Tequila
  1 egg
  3 Dashes Bitters

 Take a whole raw egg, shell and all, fresher the better, and drop it in to a mixing glass. Muddle     egg, Amaretto and 3 dashes of bitters. Add tequila and mix thoroughly. Top off with orange juice,   garnish with Blue cheese stuffed olives. Drink as shot, let yourself vomit, and go back to bed for   3 more hours. That's all ol' "Cookie's" got for you this time. Now to fin how to get these ice spears out my chest. Those is gonna smart when they melt sure!









Cookie Flintiron
Cookie Flintiron

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