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If you find yourself talking about any pop culture references prior to 2001 and they clearly do not understand what you're talking about it's possible you may be having an #awwjenna moment.  


If that same person has never seen movies such as Goonies, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, Voltron, Wargames, Hackers, GI-Goe or they think the Brat Pack is a music group you may be having an #awwjenna moment.  


You can easily spot them in a crowd because they are the most intelligent person in the room and are always smiling.    


Just whatever you do... do not get upset with them when you ask them if they liked the movie Karate Kid and they respond with.... "I loved it because Will Smith's son is an amazing actor and that Jackie Chan is really good at karate!"


Instead just shake your head and say.. #awwjenna :-)   #eCulture


We have an amazing Front End App Developer by the name of Jenna, that does not understand half if not more of what we are talking about. So we say, "Aww Jenna." And that is how this hashtag got started. So support the #awwjenna in your life by wearing this knit hat proudly!