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"Armchair Detective Badge Full-Zip Unisex Hoodie by Sexy Hackers"

Are you deeply fascinated by mysterious crimes and unsolved missing-persons cases? Are you convinced that given the time, resources, and authority, you could crack at least one conspiracy or cold case? Well, instead of just watching a crime drama, obsess about it -- like we all did with Robert Stack and Unsolved Mysteries back in the 1980's. Modern Armchair Detectives are serious, thoughtful investigators, always questioning, connecting, and theorizing from the comfort of their own homes. Although, some Armchair Detectives will contact witnesses and share their findings on podcasts, Reddit, or YouTube. So, whenever you go about your unofficial business, make sure to wear this comfortable Armchair Detective full-zip hooded sweatshirt with "badge" printed on front and back. Let everyone know you're on the case!