"Eat Game Sleep Game Poop Game Repeat Unisex T-Shirt"

A hardcore gamer's life is not easy, and it's not because of the those filthy casuals. Modern RPG and MMO video games have shown dissenting parents and concerned friends that gamers can actually live fulfilling lives inside virtual worlds. Well, almost...if it weren't for those pesky biological necessities like eating, sleeping, and waste removal. (At least with day-one digital downloads, that's one less day I have to leave the house.) But let's face it, gaming is more than a hobby: It's a lifestyle. Maybe it's not as socially acceptable as joining the local pub's softball team, but who are we to judge? World of Warcraft is still being played by millions of people. Call of Duty is on its 20th iteration. And Valve has yet to release Half Life 3. These are things only a true gamer can ponder; and by wearing this pictographic shirt, you'll help educate the uninformed about our obsession.